Irwin Universal Handsaw 554645129

Irwin Universal Handsaw 554645129

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This Irwin Universal Handsaw features a unique handle-to-blade design and triple-ground teeth to completely eliminate binding and cut up to three times faster than traditional handsaws through virtually any material. The universal tooth grind on each handsaw removes material quickly to combine the speed of a coarse-cutting saw with the finish of a fine-cutting saw. A tapered-pitch nose on the blade profile provides improved clearance through materials and adds stability to each stroke, while the thick-body saw blade uses a water-based lacquer coating that helps you deliver fast, controlled cuts.

  • Unique handle-to-blade design
  • Triple-ground teeth

    Irwin Universal Handsaw:
    • Unique handle-to-blade design
    • Triple-ground teeth
    • Tapered-pitch nose

    Features:Lightweight Handle

    • The blade profile has a tapered-pitch nose for improved clearance through materials and stability with every stroke
    • Blade is water based lacquer coated, delivering a faster, more controlled cut
    • The 90° and the 45° angle markings are fast and convenient features, providing a reliable straight edge for quickly marking work surfaces
    • Blade Length: 381 mm
    • Blade Thickness: 0.85 mm
    • Tooth Count: 11 pt.
    Comfortable Grip





    Manufacturer Part Number:1773465

    Type:Parts & Accessories

    Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H):1.25 x 21.88 x 5.00 Inches

    Irwin Universal Handsaw 554645129