Hyper Tough Jab Saw 555732311

Hyper Tough Jab Saw 555732311

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This 6-inch Hyper Tough jab Saw is designed for a variety of uses at home and on the job. It is made of heavy-duty carbon steel with a double-molded handle grip for comfort. This wallboard saw features triple-ground hardened teeth that easily cut through drywall, wood and plastic cement board. The push and pull blade is thicker than conventional saws for straighter cuts with less binding. It's also especially handy for light tree pruning. It's an essential item for the pro or expert enthusiast who desires a high-quality, durable tool.

Hyper Tough Jab Saw

Hyper Tough Jab Saw:
  • Durable 6\" Hyper Tough saw

Brand:Hyper Tough


Manufacturer Part Number:1290

Hyper Tough Jab Saw 555732311