Hoover Type Y&Z Premium Allergen Bag Pkg 001599489

Hoover Type Y&Z Premium Allergen Bag Pkg 001599489

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Arm & Hammer Hoover Type Y&Z Premium Allergen Vacuum Bags help capture household dust, dirt, and debris while Arm & Hammer Baking Soda neutralizes odors as you vacuum. Fits vacuum cleaner models/series: All HOOVER* WindTunnel* (excluding WindTunnel* 2), Savvy*, Tempo* Widepath* Bagged Uprights, Upright Cleaners using Z bags including AutoDrive*, Breathe Easy*, Caddy Vac*, Dimension*, DirtFINDER*, PowerDrive,* PowerMAX*, and TurboPower* 3500, 3700, 4500, 5000, 6000, 7000 Uprights. Arm & Hammer Premium Allergen vacuum bags capture 90% of allergens at 1 micron or larger including pet dander, grass and ragweed pollen, househould fiber and dust mite debris.

  • Replacement vacuum bags
  • Keeps vacuum running at optimum performance
  • Arm & Hammer bags work while you vacuum, removing household odors along with dirt, dust and pet dander to help improve indoor air quality. These premium allergen vacuum bags retain up to 100 percent of dust mite debris, pollens and other particles. As dirty air passes through the bag, baking soda particles neutralize odor-bearing chemicals.

    detailedDescription":"Hoover Type Y&Z Premium Allergen Bag Pkg

    Brand:ARM & HAMMER

    Manufacturer Part Number:67978F-6

    Color:Orange Other



    Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H):1.50 x 7.88 x 9.00 Inches

    Hoover Type Y&Z Premium Allergen Bag Pkg 001599489